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Where does all the time go?

A student asked me recently; what do the coaches do when they are not coaching? From the students’ perspective, it’s a reasonable question. Apart from morning workshops (which are not every day, usually involve a single coach, and last for…

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Do you know design patterns?

Well, do ya punk? I got asked this today in a telephone interview. It was the second question, after ‘tell me about yourself’. My first instinct in response was sarcasm. “What, there are patterns? It’s not just organised chaos? There are actual principles involved…

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Movebubble Sprint: Day 10

Standup starts late, as Laura was at a ‘women in tech’ breakfast event at the Google campus. Jack is having problems testing the router bug, because new viewings are generating new chats (the old behaviour) rather than being routed to an existing chat with…

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Movebubble Sprint: Day 8

Team breakfast this morning is a little different. As we all went out on Tuesday night, I foolishly suggested that we should meet for a fry up at a local cafe, thinking that Aidan might consent to us starting a bit later….

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Movebubble Sprint: Day 7

Standup starts a bit late this morning, for no particular reason other than it’s hard to get everybody together. With the investment meeting today there’s a palpable sense of nervousness and urgency from Aidan and Will who are finalising the presentation and…