Goals for 2016

2016 is going to be an experimental year for me. I have a part-time working arrangement that affords me some time to focus on product development and my main focus is going to be producing a product which can be a platform for launching a new business. I also hope to learn from and write about the process as I do hope to be successful with one venture or another within the next few years.

So my specific goals for the 2016? Very simple:

Finish and publish the home finance application that I started in November.

This is the main goal, and I would love to have it done by April and then with real subscribers using the application by the end of the year. But I’m deliberately not setting sales targets because I have no realistic metrics by which I can estimate this and I want to avoid setting arbitrary or unrealistic goals.

So I will have achieved this goal if I have a fully functional application (matching a specification that I’m not going to post here) in the public domain and able to take new sign-ups.

Design and publish a board game.

This is a secondary goal and is included as a counterpoint to the first. From experience, I know that if I focus too much on a single project I can get tunnel vision and I need to something to turn to during periods of creative block or low motivation. In the past, I’ve often turned to games and I think it would be far more constructive to be building a game than playing one.

Again there are no sales targets for this one – it’s more a personal goal than a business one. Really I just want the game to be enjoyable and if I can achieve that then I’ll investigate avenues for selling to a wider audience.

Start a blog



Stretch goal – build and sell a website